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HypoIndustries Ltd.

Hypo Means Less...Less Packaging, Less Waste, Less Toxins & Less Transportation

A first of its kind in Alberta, HypoIndustries Ltd. is a manufacturer and private labeler of healthcare, homecare and disinfectant products. We use quality materials and Health Canada approved low-toxin chemistries and have a strong focus on minimizing environmental impact.





235% Less Toxic than the other leading rinse free, food preparation safe disinfectant.

Our disinfectant wipes address many of the concerns we hear from customers about the toxicity of products. Now, there is no need for rinsing and our special formulation eliminates damage caused to fabrics and surfaces while leaving no dangerous residues.  Our Health Canada approved products are suitable for hospitals, schools, daycares, restaurants, homes, and commercial & industrial applications. It is safe to use on food preparation surfaces ensuring
your work spaces are disinfected safely and effectively.
120 Pack Hypowipes
HypoTech Workplace Office and Tech Wipes
30 Pack HypoTech
Save money and order our home and business starter kit.  Includes two refillable flairosols filled with our no rinse, low toxicity Health Canada approved hard surface disinfectant.  One canister of Hypotech for your electronic cleaning needs and 4L of Hypodisinfect to top up your flairosols when they run dry.
Home & Office Bundle
Home Starter Kit
Save money and buy our wipe starter bundle.  Includes 4 Health Canada approved low toxicity canisters of HypoWipes and 4 canisters of HypoTech for all your electronic and surface cleaning needs.  Each canister has 100 wipes.
Wipe Starter Kit

Proudly Made In Canada